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About Pandharpur

Pandharpur is not a common piece of land. It is popularly known as "South Kashi" of India and also considered as "Spiritual Capital" of Maharashtra. It's an epicenter of inspiration to lakhs of people throughout the country. Lord Vitthal, the incarnation of Vishnu- Shrikrishna - had appeared here in Pandharpur. Shrikrishna is held in Hindu mythology as the complete symbol of devotion to the work. A Karmayogi, who taught that only the devotion to the duty is the final answer to any difficulty. Getting pleased with the devotion of Pundlik towards his duty of taking care of his parents, Lord Vitthal appeared at Pundlik's doorsteps. Pundlik preferred to stick up to his duty and made Lord Vitthal to wait. It is believed that the Lord Vitthal was pleased with this and is still gladly waiting here.

Pandharpur, thus, is an icon of virtues. Commitment and undeterred, unqualified devotion to the duty is the message that fills the air of this beautiful region.Pandharpur is at the south of Maharashtra, eight hours of motor drive from Mumbai, Hyderabad and hardly four hours from Pune. Like its rich historical heritage, it is also rich with natural resources, surrounded by irrigated land and flowing river Chandrabhaga.Being agriculturally developed, it is full of fresh air. This nature of the City has provided an insulation from a number of social evils, which have, otherwise threatened other metropolitan cities. Pandharpur, therefore, provides a perfect environment for education. Creating an environment for learning makes the difference in education. Pandharpur has all that in abundance. Students need devotion, and it is in the air of Pandharpur, making it an ideal place for an educational institution. It's different...! .