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  • Blood Donation Camp
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Faculty Member's
Sl. No. Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Date of Joning Nature of Association
1 Dr. Amit Paraskumar Gangwal M.Pharm, PhD. Professor 03/12/2018 Regular
2 Dr. Karthikeyan M. M.Pharm. PhD. Professor 02/03/2019 Regular
3 Dr. S. D. Sonawane M.Pharm, PhD. Associate Professor 03/12/2018 Regular
4 Dr. Deepa M. K. M.Pharm, PhD. Associate Professor 02/03/2019 Regular
5 Dr. A. Sanjeeva Kumar M.Pharm, PhD. Associate Professor 01/03/2019 Regular
6 Dr. M. G. Maniyar M.Pharm., PhD. Associate Professor 06/09/2008 Regular
7 Ms. M. J. Khandekar M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 03/02/2011 Regular
8 Mr. R. S. Naiknaware M.Pharm. Assistatn Professor 02/01/2010 Regualr
9 Mr. V. V. More M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 01/06/2012 Regular
10 Ms. S. S. Chakorkar M.Pharm Assistant Professor 01/01/2018 Regular
11 Mr. L. N. Patil M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 01/07/2017 Regular
12 Ms. P. K. Khule M.Pharm Assistant Professor 27/06/2017 Regular
13 Mr. B. S. Ankalgi M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 13/07/2018 Regular
14 Ms. P.V. Salunkhe M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 01/08/2018 Regular
15 Ms. J. S. More M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 20/08/2018 Regular
16 Umme Kumsum Jasvi M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 06/01/2019 Regular
17 Ms. P. A. Patil M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 25/01/2019 Regular
18 Ms. M. S. Holkar M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 04/07/2019 Regular
19 Ms. S. V. Shimple M.Pharm Assistant Professor 01/06/2019 Regular
20 Mr. S. V. Mandave M.Pharm Assistant Professor 07/06/2019 Regular
21 Mr. V. B. Sawant M.Pharm Assistant Professor 01/06/2019 Regular
22 Mr. A.M. Shaikh M.Pharm. Assistant Professor 01/06/2019 Regular